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Celiac Plexus Block


This procedure is performed to diagnose and reduce abdominal pain caused by conditions such as cancer or
pancreatitis. An injection is used to block the nerves serving the abdomen. An Intravenous (IV) line may be
used to administer medication to relax the patient.

Step 1 – Needle Inserted

After numbing the skin of the back with a local anesthetic, the physician slides one or two needles through the body to the celiac plexus nerves. The physician uses X-ray or CT scan guidance to position the needles correctly.

Step 2 – Dye Injected

Before injecting medication, the physician may inject a dye solution to confirm that the needles are correctly

Step 3 – Anesthetic Injected

Anesthetic medicine Is injected around the nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain. The initial
injection may be a test injection. If pain relief follows, a permanent block injection may be administered.

End of Procedure

The needles are removed. Many patients feel immediate pain relief from this procedure.

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